About Us

The new way to register your next company

Registering your Australian company has never been easier. East Coast Incorporations have been helping our clients setup companies for over 20 years and have the knowledge and experience you can trust.

Who We Are

East Coast Incorporations was established by Steve Burton (former principal of Professional Corporate Services), offering over 20 years’ of experience with company incorporations and trusts. Steve Burton has always been an innovator and others follow - the first with innovative online ordering, as well as the first to incorporate a Loan Agreement in the constitution. Our company constitution is updated by Small Myers Hughes Lawyers, whom we work very closely with, alongside many other large law firms.

Initially, we began setting up companies for our own purposes and for closely associated professionals; however, after discovering what poor, frustrating and convoluted registration processes were offered to the public, we decided to expand our service so that ANYONE can register a company with no fuss. We believe our expertise and quality product is hard to find in the market place.

At East Coast Incorporations, there is always a real life person at the end of the (Australian) phone for assistance and advice. Not only are we focused on providing a simple and efficient service, East Coast Incorporations is committed to ensuring quality and up to date documentation as well.